A.B. Chase Ebony Baby Grand Piano

A. B. Chase enjoyed a reputation of building superior pianos during the “Golden Age” of American piano building. This lovely baby grand piano is an excellent example of a top quality small grand from that period.

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YEAR: 1927
LENGTH: 4 feet, 8 inches
STATUS: Restored

A.B. Chase built high quality pianos from about 1875 until about 1939. This A.B. Chase is called an "apartment size" baby grand due to its small size and big sound. This piano measures only 4 feet 8 inches long, and would be ideal for someone with limited space. This piano has been restored to like new condition. This A.B. Chase baby grand piano has a warm tone and an even feel...not tinny sounding like most cheap new pianos. This piano comes with a matching bench. It can have the computerized player mechanisms added if desired.