This page gives detailed information about adding a computerized player mechanism to your piano. Pricing information is located at the bottom of this page.

Established in 1900, QRS Music was a pioneer in making player piano rolls for the old fashion pneumatically operated player pianos. Today, over a century later, QRS is still making old fashion player piano rolls, and they are also leading the field in computerized player piano technology!

Many of our clients are having their pianos equipped with computerized player mechanisms, making their piano a player piano. This system is called the QRS Pianomation Player System, and has been around for decades. The science is down to an art.

WHAT DOES IT DO? With this system, your piano can be made into a player piano which plays from compact disc without changing the manual playability of your piano in any way. For more information about the pianomation system, please visit their link at http://www.qrsmusic.com/pianomation.asp. We are installing this system in more than half of the pianos we restore for individuals. This system allows your piano to come alive and play with expression like a real person, with a full range of dynamic expression. It is also capable of playing at very low volumes when soft background music is desired. The most popular feature of all is the fact that you can plug this system into a speaker or sound system and have a full orchestra play with your piano! Imagine your favorite band or vocalist playing and singing right along with your piano as it plays. In person, it sounds like a live performance. It is just incredible!

WIRELESS OPERATION: Best of all, the system can be installed for wireless operation, making it completely invisible! Although there are several different styles to choose from, the wireless system allows the piano’s aesthetics to remain intact rather than having a CD player and other electronics in view. Most clients that purchase our pianos choose the wireless systems so that it doesn’t detract from the piano’s vintage appearance.

QRS Pianomation Player Installation:

Upright, Grand & Baby Grand Pianos: $8,500+

Square Grand Pianos: $9,500+

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