Exquisite Wissner Baby Grand Piano

This Stunning Piano has Some Of The Most Exquisite Satinwood Marquetry Inlay We Have Ever Seen

$65,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
DEPOSITS: The restoration of this instrument has not been completed. A 30% deposit is required on instruments pending restoration. This deposit holds the instrument and keeps it from being offered to another clients, and it also makes that piano's restoration a priority. Once we complete the restoration, we invite the client to visit our shop to see and hear the piano. If the client is unable to visit our shop, we will send professional photos and videos of the piano for review. The client then has the option of paying the balance and purchasing the piano, transferring their balance to another piano in our shop, or getting a full refund for their deposit. The client is never at risk.
Pay a 30% deposit per item
YEAR: 1905
LENGTH: 5 feet, 5 inches
FINISH: Exotic Flame Mahogany with Satinwood Marquetry Inlay
STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration

The Wissner Piano Company built some of the finest pianos money could buy. Using only the best materials and the finest craftsmanship, Wissner pianos were incredibly expensive and built in relatively small numbers. Sadly, Wissner pianos are quite rare and not commonly encountered today.
This stunning piano is one of the most beautiful pianos in our collection. The instrument is made of exotic-grain “Flame Mahogany” wood with beautifully carved legs, moldings and trim. The entire instrument is decorated with some of the most exquisite satinwood marquetry inlay we have ever seen. Although this piano is quite elaborate, it has an overall formal and elegant appearance; a perfect balance between artistic design and simplicity. Note the unusual white lacquered harp inside the piano; instead of conventional gold, the use of white lacquered harps was one of Wissner’s unique signature designs.
This piano is being restored to like-new condition, inside and out. The sound quality of this piano is truly exceptional. This piano is being restored to a top-quality musical instrument, not just a beautiful piece of furniture.
If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation computerized player system, allowing the piano to play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc. This system has over 10,000 songs available in its music library!
An original matching piano bench is included.