Custom Made Mehlin & Sons Concert Grand Piano

Custom-Built, One Of A Kind Mehlin & Sons Concert Grand Piano In Gothic Inspired Neoclassical Cabinet

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YEAR: 1931
LENGTH: 7 feet, 0 inches
FINISH: Dark Mahogany w/ Blonde Sycamore Accents
STATUS: Restored

This spectacular instrument could best be described in a single word as "Romantic".
The early 20th Century era experienced a renaissance of historic and period styles. Wealthy individuals built homes inspired by famous European palaces, country estate homes and even Medieval castles, requiring the furniture and design industry to follow suite.
This beautiful piano was built in 1931 by Paul G. Mehlin & Sons of New York. This instrument would have been custom built for its original owner to match the décor of some long forgotten Baronial Mansion. The instrument is made of dark Honduran mahogany and blonde sycamore, a unique combination which gives the instrument an overall elegant look and feel. The case is exquisitely hand-carved in the Neoclassical style with Medieval and Gothic influences. The elaborate carved detail is absolutely stunning; not only are the visible areas of the instrument beautifully carved, but the less visible areas seen from the underside of the instrument are beautifully carved as well.
What makes this piano especially fascinating is the fact that it was built during the height of the Great Depression, and it appears to be a joint-effort between the Mehlin, Wurlitzer/Apollo Piano Companies. The soundboard is a patented Mehlin “Free Vibrating Soundboard”, and although the instrument is labeled as a “Mehlin & Sons” brand, the piano is equipped with a patented Wurlitzer action and keyboard. The cabinet structure appears to be of Apollo design (Apollo’s art department was known to build some of the most ornately carved pianos sold in America). Nearly all American piano manufacturers had either closed or consolidated by 1931 due to The Great Depression, but both Mehlin and Wurlitzer/Apollo remained independent until years later. It is speculated that one single manufacturer may not have had the resources to build a custom instrument like this in 1931, so it is likely that these firms joined together in order to produce this spectacular, one-of-a-kind piano. Very few people could afford the luxury of an ordinary piano in 1931; only a wealthy few could afford to have such an extravagant piece custom made!
This piano is a large semi-concert grand piano and was designed to be a serious musical instrument. The tone and touch will suit the most discriminating pianist. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed in this piano if desired, allowing the piano to play wirelessly from an iPad, computer or smartphone. Thousands of song titles are available!
The original matching piano bench is included.