Schiller Florentine Style Baby Grand Piano

This Schiller Baby Grand Piano is a perfect example of the Mediterranean style. Many piano manufacturers built beautiful instruments that would reflect old world themes, often creating elaborate reproductions of English, Spanish, & Italian designs.

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YEAR: 1929
LENGTH: 5 feet, 2 inches
FINISH: Walnut
STATUS: Restored

This exquisite Schiller baby grand piano was built by the famous Cable Piano Company of Chicago. Schiller built very well made, expensive pianos from about 1892-1957. It is made of stunning burl Walnut, and is carved in the lavish Florentine style. Note the double legs that have beautifully gilded ironwork accents. This piano has been restored to perfect condition inside and out, and has been done so to historically accurate specifications. The tone and touch of this piano will rival any quality new baby grand piano. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed if desired.