Krakauer Victorian Oak Upright Piano

Exquisite Krakauer Brothers Victorian Upright Piano In Quarter Sawn Oak

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YEAR: 1893
FINISH: Quarter Sawn Oak
STATUS: Restored

Krakauer Brothers built extremely high quality, expensive pianos in New York from about 1869-1980, one of the very few American piano manufacturers to survive well over a century. This piano is exceptionally rare because of its heavily carved panels, moldings, and trusses. Carved oak pianos are less common than mahogany or rosewood because the darker finishes were more popular at the time. Since oak was a common domestic wood, it was not considered to be exotic and was rarely used for piano cabinets, making it rare and desirable today. This Krakauer piano is a beautiful striking piece of furniture as well as a very satisfying musical instrument. It includes matching stool, and can be fitted with a computerized player if desired.