B. Shoninger Louis XV “Salon” Model Upright Piano

Lavish B. Shoninger Louis XV “Salon” Model Upright Piano In Burl Walnut Carved Cabinet

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YEAR: 1906
FINISH: Exotic Grain Burl Walnut
STATUS: Restored

The Shoninger Louis XV “Salon” Upright Piano is one of the most elaborate and beautifully carved American upright piano model ever produced. Bernard Shoninger built high quality, expensive pianos from 1850-1929, and the quality and tone of their instruments are known to rival some of the finest brand names ever produced. Shoninger’s Louis XV “Salon” Upright Piano was the highest-grade, most expensive upright piano in the Shoninger product line with a cost at several hundred dollars when new – the cost of a small house!

This piano is made of beautiful burl walnut wood with exquisitely carved panels, moldings and trusses. The instrument is quite large and handsome in person, yet it maintains a formal and elegant overall appearance. Not only is this instrument a beautiful piece of furniture, but it is a quality musical instrument. This piano is a large, full size “upright grand” with string length and soundboard size larger than a baby grand! The tone quality of the instrument is rich and powerful, making it suitable for a discriminating pianist.

This piano is shown here after it is restored. This piano is being completely restored, inside and out, with a historical perspective in mind. If desired, this piano can be equipped with the Pianomation player system, and can play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc. More than 10,000 song titles are available!