Matt Damon’s Krakauer Eastlake Style Victorian Oak Grand Piano

Eastlake Victorian Krakauer Brothers Parlor Grand in Rare Quarter Sawn Oak Cabinet Previously Owned by Matt Damon.

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YEAR: 1890
LENGTH: 6 feet, 2 inches
FINISH: Quarter Sawn Oak
STATUS: Restored

This Krakauer Brothers piano was previously commissioned by actress and designer Bridgid Coulter, and owned by Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon.

"This piano has brought such joy to our home for so many years. We’ll miss it. I hope another family will enjoy it as much as we have." - Matt Damon

Krakauer Brothers built extremely high quality, expensive pianos in New York from about 1869-1980, one of the very few American piano manufacturers to survive well over a century.

This beautiful Krakauer Parlor Grand Piano was built in 1890, and is made of very rare quarter sawn oak wood. Although more common in early 20th Century upright pianos, oak was rarely used in grand piano building during the Victorian era because it was deemed a cheap and less exotic domestic wood than imported mahogany or rosewood. Most fine Victorian furniture was finished in dark red and brown tones, and golden colored oak wood was not as popular until after the turn of the century. Most oak grand pianos during this era would have been custom ordered, and they were built in exceedingly small numbers. Today, oak Victorian grand pianos are in very high demand but they are virtually non-existent.

This lovely piano is made in the Eastlake Victorian style with clean, elegantly carved lines and turned legs. The top of the carved legs are adorned with what appears to be oak tree leaves. Note the tastefully carved (but not over-done) lattice-cut music rack and moldings. The quarter-sawn oak wood grain is just stunning overall.

The tone of this piano is deep and rich, and is being restored to like-new condition inside and out. The piano includes a matching bench, and can be fitted with a computerized player if desired.