George Woods Victorian Upright Piano

Exceptional one-of-a-kind George Woods Victorian Carved Upright Piano In Brazilian Rosewood

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YEAR: 1870
FINISH: Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

This unusual piano was built by George Woods of Boston shortly after the Civil War. There is very little information about this company, but we do know that they built both pianos and organs for a short time in the 19th century. From all appearances, this piano seems to have been handmade and custom built. It is like no other upright we have ever encountered, and is put together with amazing engineering and design. This instrument is made of beautifully carved rosewood, and has an ecclectic mixture of Rococco and Oriental Victorian influence. It has an unusual curved top, and massive serpentine legs. It has been rebuilt and refinished, and in the restoration we were able to save the majority of the original parts. It has a full 88-note ivory keyboard which is unusual for this early model, and is in excellent playing condition. This piano would be well suited for the ultimate Victorian decor. An original matching stool is included. This piano can be fitted with a computerized player.