Authentic Saloon Style Peerless Nickelodeon Piano

This amazing piano was rescued from a saloon tavern in a real California “ghost town” where it entertained patrons for decades!

$36,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)

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YEAR: 1909
FINISH: Mission Oak
STATUS: Restored

This beautiful Peerless Craftsman style piano was originally built as a coin-operated player piano, or “Nickelodeon Piano”, playing one song for a buffalo nickel. The forerunner of the modern day Juke Box, these coin pianos would entertain patrons of saloons, restaurants, bars, speakeasies and the like. This piano spent its life in an authentic California saloon tavern where it entertained patrons endlessly day and night. It was recently discovered in a real “ghost town” that was being torn down around it!
This piano is a beautiful example of Craftsman design, complimented by beautiful stained glass panels that light up when the piano plays. Many years ago the mechanical player mechanisms were removed from the piano, so this piano is being restored with a modern Pianomation Player System which will operate the piano from a smart phone, iPod, iPad, or computer.

Even though the piano was built as a player piano, the overall tone and touch of the instrument is quite extraordinary. Since these Nickelodeon player pianos were built to endure excessively harsh use and abuse over the years, they were some of the most well-made and durable instruments ever produced. This piano is a real piece of old world Americana!
Note: As founder of The Antique Piano Shop, I have personally collected Mission / Arts & Crafts style pianos for over 25 years. I have a great passion for anything Mission / Arts & Crafts, including Craftsman homes, furniture, and accessories. If you are a true Arts & Crafts enthusiast, you will appreciate how impossible it is to find true Arts & Crafts / Mission style pianos in today’s market. Nearly three decades of collecting and preserving these “impossible to find” instruments has allowed me the opportunity to present the largest collection of true Mission / Arts & Crafts style instruments anywhere in the world.

We are proud to offer the serious enthusiast the option of adding an authentic period instrument for their Craftsman home.

- Michael Stinnett, Founder, The Antique Piano Shop, Inc.