Small Boudoir Size Briggs Victorian Upright Piano

This unusually small Boudoir Size Victorian Upright Piano is ideal for someone with very limited space

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YEAR: 1885
FINISH: Walnut Wood
STATUS: Restored

What an adorable little piano! Briggs was a very successful builder of fine pianos in Boston during the late 19th and early 20th Century era. Their pianos were expertly engineered and designed, and their craftsmanship was some of Boston's finest.

This is a very rare "Boudoir" size upright piano from the height of the Victorian Era. During this era, most upright pianos reached towering heights of 58 and even 60 inches tall - any piano under 52 inches high was rarely encountered. The dimensions are only 53" wide, 49" high and 25" deep! This little piano was built years ahead of its time and was intended for small cottage parlors and bedrooms. The piano has a substantial tone quality, quite unexpected for an instrument of its size. Note the beautifully carved grilles and fret-work which are perfectly complimented by the elegantly carved legs and moldings. This little piano appears to have perfect proportions, and is both formal and petite in appearance.

A matching antique stool is included. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed if desired.