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(SEE ALSO CABLE PIANO COMPANY) Schiller Piano Company built very well made, expensive pianos from about 1892-1957 in Oregon, IL. The Schiller name was actually the top-of-the-line brand of piano produced by the famous Cable Piano Company of Chicago, and they were marketed as Cable's highest grade, most expensive piano line. Schiller controlled several of Cable's brand names such as Bachmann Piano Company, Chute & Butler, Kingsbury, Wellington, Conover, and others. Today, Schiller pianos are consistently some of the finest upright and grand pianos we see come through our shop.


Schiller Piano Factory Early 20th Century Advertisement Showing Schiller Piano Factory, Oregon, IL
Schiller Sales Catalog 1929

Illustrated Sales Catalog For Schiller Piano Company, Chicago, 1929


$16,500 After Total Restoration
1901 | For Sale
$12,000 After Total Restoration
1909 | Sold
Inquire for Price
1933 | Sold
$20,000 After Total Restoration
1930 | Sold
$12,500 After Total Restoration
1905 | Sold