Very Early Chickering Square Grand Piano

Jonas Chickering was the first piano builder in America, established in 1823. They are known for building some of the finest pianos in history.

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YEAR: 1843
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

Chickering was the first piano manufacturer in America, established in 1823. This lovely piano was built about a decade prior to the Civil War, and is one of the lucky instruments to survive over 150 years in the Southern United States. It is made of Brazilian Rosewood, and is made in a more delicate Rococo Revival style. Note the beautifully carved legs and the elaborately carved moldings, all hallmarks of this classic style. Only a wealthy few could afford this type of instrument in the early 19th Century. This piano is a bit smaller and more dainty in appearance than most square pianos, making it ideal for someone with limited space. This piano is being restored to like new condition.