Rare W. P. Emerson Cottage Size Upright Piano-Forte

Originally sold as the “Cottage Piano-Forte”, this small piano was intended for small Victorian homes and cottages with limited space.

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YEAR: 1873
FINISH: Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

This lovely little piano was originally sold by W. P. Emerson as the “Cottage Piano-Forte”.  Smaller than a standard large upright piano, these instruments were intended for small cottage and apartment homes of the Victorian era.  Our vintage Emerson ephemera shows this model selling new for $450 in the 1870s – a substantial sum of money at that time!

Emerson was known for building exceptionally well-made pianos and was one of Boston’s most respected manufacturers.  While small in size, this instrument has an incredibly large tone quality.  The design and craftsmanship that went into building this piano is very impressive!

This piano is made of beautiful rosewood and is of the Eastlake Victorian style.

This piano was equipped with the Pianomation player system which will allow the instrument play by itself by streaming music live on an iPod, computer, iPad, etc. Thousands of song titles are available.

A matching spin-top clawfoot stool is included.