Rare Broadwood Cottage Grand Piano

John Broadwood is one of the oldest and most renowned piano makers in the world. Established in the mid-1700’s, Broadwood has built pianos in England for over 2 centuries and continues to make some of Europe’s finest pianos today.

$40,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
DEPOSITS: The restoration of this instrument has not been completed. A 30% deposit is required on instruments pending restoration. This deposit holds the instrument and keeps it from being offered to another clients, and it also makes that piano's restoration a priority. Once we complete the restoration, we invite the client to visit our shop to see and hear the piano. If the client is unable to visit our shop, we will send professional photos and videos of the piano for review. The client then has the option of paying the balance and purchasing the piano, transferring their balance to another piano in our shop, or getting a full refund for their deposit. The client is never at risk.
For Sale
Pay a 30% deposit per item
YEAR: 1870
LENGTH: 6 feet, 5 inches
FINISH: Rosewood
STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration

This piano is known as a Cottage Grand Piano, one of Broadwood's most famous European style baby grand pianos. Although the instrument is about 6.5 feet long, it is only about 49 inches wide giving it a very petite and delicate appearance. Note the unusual shape and overall look of this piano – it is very striking in appearance. These small grand pianos were quite popular in 19th Century parlors and Country House boudoirs. It is made in the Empire Revival style, typical of the turn of the century English grand pianos. It is being restored to like new condition, inside and out.