J. P. Hale “Southern Gem” Victorian Square Grand Piano

Rare “Southern Gem” Model Square Grand Piano By J. P. Hale Piano Company, New York

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YEAR: 1878
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Restored

J. P. Hale was often referred to as the “father of the commercial piano”. A brilliant businessman, Hale’s innovations in manufacturing and distributing made his pianos affordable and available to the public, much like Henry Ford decades later with the automobile.
This beautiful piano was built by J. P. Hale and sold as his “Southern Gem” model. This piano is made of exquisite Brazilian Rosewood and is of the Rococo Victorian style. The piano has been professionally restored, inside and out, and is like new in every detail. The video shown here will give the listener a better understanding how lovely these pianos really do sound after professional restoration! The original piano stool is included.

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19th Century Advertisement For Joseph P. Hale & Company, New York City
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