Chickering Victorian Concert Grand Piano

Here Is The King Of The Victorian Concert State – This Model Chickering Was Preferred By Famous Pianists Of The Era Such As Liszt, Gottschalk, And Others.

$75,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
DEPOSITS: The restoration of this instrument has not been completed. A 30% deposit is required on instruments pending restoration. This deposit holds the instrument and keeps it from being offered to another clients, and it also makes that piano’s restoration a priority. Once we complete the restoration, we invite the client to visit our shop to see and hear the piano. If the client is unable to visit our shop, we will send professional photos and videos of the piano for review. The client then has the option of paying the balance and purchasing the piano, transferring their balance to another piano in our shop, or getting a full refund for their deposit. The client is never at risk.

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YEAR: 1861
LENGTH: 8 feet, 10 inches
FINISH: Brazilian Rosewood
STATUS: Currently Undergoing Restoration

Jonas Chickering was the first piano manufacturer in America. The Chickering firm was established in 1823 in Boston, 30 years before Steinway, and the company built the finest pianos the world has known. This magnificent instrument one of the most stunning grand pianos we have ever restored.
This concert grand piano, built in 1861, was specially commissioned by the owners of the Steamer Mary E. Keene, a new passenger steamship for the New Orleans to Memphis route. Mary E. Keene was the young daughter of the steamship owner, who also owned two plantations in Louisiana. After only three round-trip journeys, the Confederate Army in the Civil War called this passenger ship into use for wartime battle. The piano was removed from the ship.
When the Union Army got close to the steamer on the Yazoo River in Mississippi, the Confederate Army burned its own ship rather than letting it be taken by the Yankees. This beautiful piano has now been painstakingly restored to its former glory. The piano also comes with historical memorabilia about the ship, including a ticket for one of the original journeys.


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