Beautiful Arts & Crafts Style Autopiano Upright Piano

This model Autopiano piano was one of the most attractive of all Craftsman piano designs and is extremely rare today

$28,000 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
Pay a 30% deposit per item
YEAR: 1907
FINISH: Quarter Sawn Oak
STATUS: Restored

This lovely piano was originally built as the “Style S” Player Piano in 1907 by the Autopiano Player Piano Company of New York.  This model Autopiano is one of the most attractive Craftsman style case designs ever built and they are extremely rare today.  This model was one of the most expensive models in the Autopiano line, so the overall quality of the actual piano is that of a superior musical instrument.  This unique, specialized style and high production cost when new caused this “Style S” Arts & Crafts style player piano to be built in extremely low numbers, making them exceedingly rare today.  We are lucky to have several of these rare pianos in our current collection.

Note the beautifully grained quarter sawn oak wood, often referred to as “tiger oak wood”, and how it blends seamlessly with the mortise & tenon design.  Each corner of the cabinet has a full-length craftsman style post with classic pyramid-style caps at the top.

Although this piano was originally built as a pneumatically operated player piano, the mechanical player mechanisms were removed from it many years ago.  This piano will be restored back to a player piano using the QRS Pianomation Player System, allowing the piano to play by itself from an iPod, iPad, smart phone or computer.  This computerized player system does not affect the manual playability of the instrument in any way.

A matching Arts & Crafts style piano bench is included.

Note: As founder of The Antique Piano Shop, I have personally collected Mission / Arts & Crafts style pianos for over 25 years.  I have a great passion for anything Mission / Arts & Crafts, including Craftsman homes, furniture, and accessories.  If you are a true Arts & Crafts enthusiast, you will appreciate how impossible it is to find true Arts & Crafts / Mission style pianos in today’s market.  Nearly three decades of collecting and preserving these “impossible to find” instruments has allowed me the opportunity to present the largest collection of true Mission / Arts & Crafts style instruments anywhere in the world.

We are proud to offer the serious enthusiast the option of adding an authentic period instrument for their Craftsman home.

- Michael Stinnett, Founder, The Antique Piano Shop, Inc.