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Newman Brothers
The Newman Brothers Piano & Organ Company was established in 1880 in Chicago.  In 1892, the company was incorporated by L. M. Newman as President, and A. B. Newman as Vice President.  Newman Brothers were known for building very expensive, elaborate pianos & organs, and they were very successful.  Like most makers, Newman Brothers phased out their organ building in the first decade of the 20th Century, putting all of their emphasis in piano manufacturing.  There is no mention of Newman Brothers after about 1930, indicating that the firm went out of business with the Great Depression.

Special Thanks to Ms. Lynn Andrus, great granddaughter of Charles Newman, for the following information:

After gaining fifteen years commercial experience, the three Newman brothers formed a partnership on May 1, 1880 and started the manufacture of parlor and chapel organs at 63 West Washington St.  Their business increased so that the factory gradually came to occupy 63, 65, and 67 Washington St.  In August 1887, a fire occurred in the factory and they then moved into a larger factory at 30-40 South Canal St.  A second fire in April 1889 again compelled them to move.  Their factory was temporarily established at Wells St. and Institute Place (then Pearson St.).  They later moved to the new factory built for them at 5-17 Dix St. and West Chicago Ave.  The business was incorporated in 1892 as Newman Brothers Co. The firm lost, at this juncture, one of its members, John A. Newman, who died September 30, 1894.
By 1895 the demand for their organs had so increased as to make Newman Brothers Co. among the foremost organ manufacturers in the country.  Perceiving that they had a market for a high-grade piano, they equipped themselves during this year for a new venture.  From several scales they selected one drawn by E. Becker, and old experienced craftsman who had thirty-five years practice in building pianos.  Guided by his skill and under the personal supervision of Gustave R. Newman, the firm has built a high-grade piano which is ever increasing its reputation. The demand for this piano has compelled the erection, in 1900, of a six-story building, 50×100 feet, adjacent to the older five-story factory. The majority of men employed by Newman Brothers Co. were Swedes.

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