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The Lester Piano Company of Philadelphia was a major contributor to the American piano industry during the Golden Age of piano building. Established in 1888, The Lester Piano Company built a full line of pianos for decades under several different names including The Lester Piano Company, Leonard & Company, Alden, Bellaire, Channing, Gramer, Lawrence, Regent, Schilling & Sons and Schubert.  The Lester Piano Company and its subsidiaries had a reputation of building very well made instruments.
The firm is most famous for their “Betsy Ross Spinet”, a small spinet piano manufactured for years after The Great Depression. It is speculated that the huge success of the Betsy Ross Spinet saved The Lester Piano Company from closing with the Great Depression along with the majority of other American piano manufacturers.  The Lester Piano Company continued to be successful until going out of business in 1960.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Turn-Of-The-Century Lester Piano Catalog, Circa 1901
Turn-Of-The-Century Lester Piano Catalog, Circa 1910
Official Lester Piano Company Golden Anniversary Year Price List, Circa 1938
Lester Trade Cards
Full color trade card for the Lester Piano Company, circa about 1900

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