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Jacob J. Christie started building pianos under his own name sometime around 1860 in New York City. By 1870, his firm was listed at 85 Varick Street, New York City but moved to Broadway by the mid 1870s. In 1878 Jacob Christie changed the name of his firm to Christie & Company. In 1881, Christie admitted his son John Christie into partnership, and the name of the firm was changed to Christie & Son. Apparently John Christie left the business in about 1886, as the firm’s name was changed back to Christie & Company at that time.
Jacob Christie closed his firm in about 1888, and went on to become active in both The Colby Piano Company and The Bogart Piano Company. By the early 20th Century, the Bogart Piano Company of New York owned the Christie name, and built a full line of pianos and player pianos under the “Christie & Co.” label.

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