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Mr. Charles C. Colby began building pianos in 1859.  Mr. C. C. Colby quickly gained a very good reputation for building fine instruments and incorporated The Colby Piano Company in 1884 in Erie, PA.  In 1887, Colby entered into partnership with Mr. William H. Duncan and Jacob Christie to reorganize the firm of “Christie & Company” to “Colby, Duncan & Company”.  Pianos built by the firm were labeled as “Colby & Duncan”  Colby, Duncan & Company was short lived and the firm was dissolved in 1889 at which time Mr. C. C. Colby resumed operations as The Colby Piano Company with offices in both Erie, PA and New York City.
Colby continued to enjoy a good reputation of building fine quality instruments during the turn-of-the-century era. Like so many other American piano manufacturers, The Colby Piano Company was out of business by the Great Depression.

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Colby Sales Catalog
A late 19th Century Sales Catalog from the Colby Piano Company, Erie, PA. Circa 1896

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Colby Oak Upright Piano


Empire Revival Influenced Colby Victorian Upright Piano In Quarter Sawn Oak