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The Bogart Piano Company was established in New York in about 1899 by E. B. Bogart. Their first factory was located at 911 Canal Street, New York City. The firm was known for building high quality pianos and player pianos, and they enjoyed a great deal of success in the early 20th Century.
In addition to manufacturing pianos sold under the Bogart name, the firm built and sold pianos and player pianos under the name of Christie & Company until the late 1920’s era. In 1926 the firm was located at Willow Avenue, New York, and they again expanded to a larger factory on East 134th Street in 1931.
Bogart is one of the few American piano manufacturers to independently survive the Great Depression, and they continued building pianos until 1942, going out of business due to World War II.

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Bogart Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Bogart Piano Company, New York City