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    The Schubert Piano Company was established in New York City in 1880 by Mr. Peter Duffy, and then incorporated in 1885 with Mr. Duffy as president. The firm built very well made pianos, with several rather extravagant models were available. Perhaps they were best known for their 'Mandolin Piano' which was basically an upright piano equipped with a mechanism that dropped metal tabs between the piano hammers and strings via pressing the middle pedal. The Schubert Piano Company even composed and published special sheet music for the Mandolin Piano, and it was marketed very aggressively. This unique sound quickly caught on and became widely known as the 'rinky tink' or 'honky tonk' piano sound used in saloons and bars across the land for decades. Schubert was sold to the Lester Piano Company in 1932, and the Schubert brand was discontinued in about 1937.