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New England Piano Company

The New England Piano Company was originally established as the New England Organ Company in 1871 in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1881, the name was changed to the New England Piano Company as the organ's popularity began to fade in favor of the piano. In the 19th Century, Boston was home to a large population of old world craftsmen who had immigrated to the United States from the old country. These craftsmen possessed amazing skill in woodworking and piano building, and the New England Piano Company was in a position to take full advantage of this amazingly skilled workforce. Like most other Boston firms, The New England Piano Company enjoyed a reputation for building truly exceptional pianos during the turn-of-the-century era. In 1885, The New England Piano Company introduced a line of pianos which they sold under the "Regal Piano Company" brand name (Regal was taken over by The Smith American Piano Company in 1889.) The New England Piano Company was out of business before the Great Depression.


New England Catalog 1891 Illustraed sales catalog for the New England Piano Company, circa 1890
New England Advertisements Period Advertisements From The New England Piano & Organ Company, Boston


$45,000 After Total Restoration
1875 | For Sale
$13,300 After Total Restoration
1896 | Sold
$30,000 After Total Restoration
1870 | Sold
$14,500 After Total Restoration
1893 | Sold