New England Oak Victorian Grand Piano

During the height of the Victorian era, grand pianos were almost NEVER made of oak! Oak grand pianos from this period are almost impossible to find today.

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YEAR: 1880
LENGTH: 5 feet, 11 inches
FINISH: Quarter Sawn Oak
STATUS: Restored

In 1880, a typical grand piano would cost about $1,500, the cost of a small house! Since these pianos were only available to the very wealthy, they were usually made of rare and exotic imported woods like rosewood, mahogany, etc. Quarter sawn oak was domestic, affordable, and readily available to the Victorians, so it was generally used on less expensive organs and occasionally upright pianos, but never on grand pianos. Over the years, we have restored hundreds of elaborate Victorian grand pianos, and we have only seen 2 that were made of oak! That is how very rare they are...they virtually don't exist.

This piano was built by the illustrious New England Piano Company of Boston in about 1880. It is made of beautifully carved quarter sawn oak wood, and is in the Eastlake Victorian style. This piano has been totally restored to like new condition, while keeping the piano as historically correct as possible. The piano plays like it did when it was built over 100 years ago, and has a warm, rich tone quality. It is just breathtaking in every way. This really is one of the most beautiful and rare grand pianos we have ever seen.

Attached are a couple of pages from an original New England sales brochure circa 1875-1880. Note that this brochure shows this piano available in ROSEWOOD ONLY, further indicating that this was a custom made, one of a kind instrument.

Both a matching oak bench and oak stool are included with this beautiful piano. Computerized player mechanisms can be installed if desired.