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    Ivers & Pond

    One of the most notable Boston piano firms of the 19th and 20th Centuries was the Ivers & Pond Piano Company. William H. Ivers began building pianos under his own name in about 1872, and then went into partnership with Pond in 1880 to establish the 'Ivers & Pond' Piano Company. (Instruments built by William H. Ivers prior to 1880 were simply labeled as 'Ivers'). The Ivers & Pond offices were located in Boston and factories located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ivers & Pond was an expensive, well made piano, and they were often made of lavish and exotic woods with amazing detail to the cabinet work. Internally, these instruments would rival any manufacturer for excellence in design and quality. Like so many other renowned piano makers, Ivers & Pond was consolidated into the Aeolian-American Corporation during the Great Depression years. The Ivers & Pond name continued to be built by Aeolian up until the 1980's, making the production of the Ivers & Pond name run for a full 100 years.