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Restoration  Packages
Restoration Packages

“Different restoration packages available to suit your needs and your budget”


Please click on the links below to view details and prices of our restoration packages. Prices are subject to change without notice:

Upright Piano Restoration Packages

Grand & Baby Grand Piano Restoration Packages

Square Grand Piano Restoration Packages

Player Piano Restoration Packages

QRS Pianomation Player Installation

Antique Organ & Melodeon Restoration


Receiving your restoration price quote is free and easy!

Would you like to know what it would cost to restore your vintage instrument? If so, simply fill out the requested fields in the form below and submit photos of your instrument. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible in your descriptions so that our staff can be as accurate as possible when providing your quote. Once we receive your information, one of our experts will respond with information about restoration costs, potential value, and general comments about your instrument as soon as possible.


Which Restoration Package is Right For me?

Our crew is trained to be able to help you ascertain which restoration package is right for you. By submitting detailed photos of your instrument, our crew can give you an accurate, informative restoration quote which will aid you in making an informed decision about your piano or organ's restoration and preservation.


Our submission form works with most operating systems, but we occasionally have folks tell us they are unable to load photos into the submission form below.  If you have questions or need assistance with filling out the form below, please email us at info@antiquepianoshop.com

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Detailed photographs are important in helping us determine the condition of your instrument. Close-up shots of the internal workings are especially important. The more detailed the photographs, the more accuate our evaluation will be.

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Or actual photographs can be mailed: Antique Piano Shop, Inc. 1158 Lane Drive Friendsville, TN 37737 photos will not be returned