At the Antique Piano Shop, we specialize in restoring rare and obsolete pianos and organs for individuals who desire to preserve their heirloom instruments.


Turn-Of-The-Century Piano Workshop

Since the piano continued to evolve well into the early 20th century, parts and supplies may not be readily available for antique pianos. This is why many shops won’t bother restoring them. We have most of our parts custom-made for each piano, and everything else we actually make ourselves.

Antique piano restoration is a very specialized craft that takes a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail. Piano tuners will often tell you that antique pianos are worthless or impossible to restore simply because they are not willing to invest the time and attention required to restore them. More often than not, these piano tuners are not familiar enough with antique pianos to give them an accurate evaluation.

Will it cost more to restore my instrument than it will be worth?

How many home renovation or “house-flipping” shows have you seen on TV lately?  People all over the country are renovating old homes and buildings so that they can be sold for profit in the end.  Much like the real estate industry, restoring a vintage instrument adds real value to the piece, ultimately making the instrument worth more than the cost of restoration in most cases.