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Peterson, J.
J. Peterson & Company was originally established as “The Moline Cabinet Organ Company” by Johannes Peterson in 1881 then “The Moline Organ Company in 1888.  As the piano began to exceed the organ in popularity, the firm was again reestablished as ‘The Moline Organ & Piano Company’ in about 1894 at which time pianos were added to the firm’s product line.
In 1899, the firm was incorporated as “J. Peterson & Company‘” and expended both their piano and organ line.  “J. Peterson & Company” continued to build organs under the “Moline” label and pianos under the “J. Peterson & Company” and “Woodland Piano Company” labels.
Peterson was known for building exceptionally well made instruments, and his organ manufacturing company grew to huge proportions.  Moline organs were found in churches and larger homes all over the country by the first part of the 20th Century.  Moline continued to put their best effort into organ manufacturing and their pianos were never built in large quantities compared to other manufacturers.  It appears that the firm went out of business just before the Great Depression era.

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Moline Advertisements
Turn-Of-The-Century Advertisements for Moline Organs, Built By J. Peterson & Company
J. Peterson Portait
Portrait of J. Peterson, Founder Of Moline Organ Company and J. Peterson & Company