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Woods, George
George Woods is first listed in Pittsfield, New Hampshire in about 1850.  By 1853, George Woods was making Melodeons at 137½ Hanover Street in Boston.  That same year, Woods became a partner in “Jones, Carpenter & Woods” in Brattleboro, Vermont.  In 1856, Woods left the partnership of Jones, Carpenter & Woods and returned to Boston as an independent builder of organs and melodeons.  In 1862 George Woods is also listed as a factory foreman for the illustrious Mason & Hamlin firm.  Shortly thereafter, he organized the firm of “George Woods & Company”, building melodeons, organs, and pianos.  His factory was listed at Cambridgeport, MA, and his offices were on Washington Street in Boston.  In 1883, George Woods & Company opened a second set of offices and warerooms at 423 Broome Street in New York City.  There appears to be no mention of George Woods & Company after the turn of the 20th Century.  Instruments by George Woods are quite rare today.  These instruments are of exceptional quality and are well worth restoration and preservation today.

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George Woods Organ Catalog
19th George Woods Illustrated Organ Catalog, Circa 1877

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