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Mr. Otto Wissner originally established The Wissner Piano Company in Brooklyn, NY in 1878.  Wissner started out as a piano dealer, tuner and repairer.  In 1890 Wissner began manufacturing his own pianos, led by a genuine desire to build the finest instruments possible.
Wissner is one of the lesser-known American piano manufacturers who built superb pianos of the highest quality and construction, but because of poor marketing, never achieved the world wide recognition they deserved. Their pianos were some of the finest, most expensive pianos money could buy.
In 1913 the firm was incorporated as Wissner & Sons when William Wissner and Otto Wissner, Jr. officially joined the firm.  In addition to building pianos under the Wissner brand name, the firm built pianos under the brand names of Leckerling, Reinhard, and Putnam.  In 1936, Wissner & Sons was absorbed into The Jansen Piano Company.  Janssen continued to build pianos under the Wissner name until World War II.

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