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Schraidt & Schmitt
Louis Schraidt is first listed as a piano maker in New York City in 1866.  In 1867, Schraidt went into partnership with Adolph Hintz, forming the firm of “Hintz & Schraidt”.  This partnership was very short lived, and was dissolved the following year. In 1868, Schraidt went into partnership with Adam Schmitt, forming the firm of “Schraidt, Schmitt & Company”.  Schraidt, Schmitt & Company was fairly successful and experienced steady growth.  In 1872 the firm changed its name to “Schraidt & Schmitt”, but the partnership appears to have dissolved in about 1873.  Schraidt went on to become a retailer of musical instruments, but there is no record of him building pianos after 1873.

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Schraidt Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Louis Schraidt, Founder Of Schraidt & Schmitt Piano Company, New York City