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Hintz, Adolph
Adolph Hintz (sometimes listed as Adolphus Hintz) was a small-scale piano maker in New York City during the 19th Century.  Adolph Hintz is first listed in 1862 as being in partnership with Charles Sieh, heading the piano manufacturing firm of Sieh & Hintz. In 1862 Adolph Hintz left this partnership to establish his own firm under the name of “A. Hintz & Company”.  A. Hintz & Company built pianos until 1867 when A. Hintz joined Louis Schraidt to form the manufacturing firm of “Hintz & Schraidt”. This was a very short lived partnership, and by 1868 Adolph Hintz had dissolved the partnership was again building pianos under his own name.
By 1870, Adolph Hintz employed 8 men and produced $9,800 worth of pianos. In 1875, Adolph Hintz went into another partnership with Edward Schnabel and Henry Lambert, forming the firm of “Schnabel, Hintz & Lambert”. Yet another short-lived partnership, this firm was dissolved in 1876. There is no listing of Adolph Hintz being active in the piano industry after about 1876.

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