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Nunns & Clark
R & W Nunns:  Brothers Robert & William Nunns immigrated to New York from London in 1821.  Both having a background in piano building, the brothers worked as journeymen for the firm of “Kearsing & Sons“.  Robert & Willian Nunns established their firm of “R & W Nunns” in 1823. The firm built pianos both under their own name and also for the prominent Dubois & Stodart Piano Company of New York City.
Nunns, Clark Company:  Piano maker John Clark joined the firm of “R & W Nunns” in 1833 and the firm was reorganized as “Nunns, Clark & Company”  William Nunns withdrew from the partnership in 1839 and left New York until 1843.  The firm was then reorganized as “R. Nunns & Clark”.
R. Nunns & Clark:  Nunns, Clark & Company was then reorganized as “R. Nunns & Clark” in 1839.   R. Nunns & Clark was a very successful firm.  An 1855 New York Census shows the firm owning $150,000 of real capital and were producing as many as 300 pianos annually!  R. Nunns & Clark enjoyed a superb reputation and great success until the firm closed in 1860.
Nunns & Brumley:  Augustus Brumley began building small square pianos in New York City in about 1835, listed at 31 Reade Street in New York City. In about 1836, Brumley went into partnership with the renowned piano maker William Nunns, establishing the firm of Nunns & Brumley. In 1837, Brumley withdrew from Nunns & Brumley and went into partnership with James Smyth, forming the company of Brumley & Smyth. Brumley & Smyth was out of business by 1840.
Nunns & Fischer:  In 1843, William Nunns returned to New York and went into partnership with John & Charles Fischer to create the firm of “Nunns & Fischer“. Nunns & Fischer built pianos until 1848 when William Nunns withdrew to establish his own firm of “William Nunns & Company”.
Instruments by any of these names are exceedingly rare today and of museum caliber. They deserve the finest restoration and preservation available as they are irreplaceable parts of America’s musical history.

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Nunns & Clark Advertisements
Mid-19th Century Nunns & Clark Piano Advertisements, Circa 1850-1860

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