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Nunns & Brumley
Augustus Brumley began building small square pianos in New York City in about 1835, listed at 31 Reade Street in New York City. In about 1836, Brumley went into partnership with the renowned piano maker William Nunns, establishing the firm of “Nunns & Bromley”.  In 1837, Brumley withdrew from Nunns & Brumley and went into partnership with James Smyth, forming the company of “Brumley & Smyth“. Brumley & Smyth was out of business by 1840. Pianos by any of these firms are exceedingly rare today, and are considered to be of museum caliber.

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Nunns & Brumley Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Nunns & Brumley Piano Company, New York City