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Lipp, Richard & Sohn
The firm of Richard Lipp & Sohn was established in Stuttgart, Germany in 1831. R. Lipp & Sohn was one of Germany’s most prestigious “old world” piano manufacturers and the firm enjoyed a great deal of success throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. The firm was known for building high-quality, durable instruments of superior touch and tone.

Instruments by Richard Lipp & Sohn were primarily marketed in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Vintage instruments by the firm are rarely encountered in the United States, indicating they were not originally sold in North American markets.

From 1985 – 1992, Richard Lipp & Sohn was built under license of the Bentley Piano Company, Ltd. In 1993, the firm was purchased by Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd, Ltd., and the Richard Lipps & Sohn name continued to be manufactured until 1998. Today, Richard Lipp & Sohn pianos are being built by the large Hyundai Corporation of South Korea.

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