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Henry C. Kroeger was born in Germany in 1827, and began apprenticing for a German piano maker by the age of 15. Kroeger worked for several illustrious piano makers in Hamburg before migrating to the United States in 1852. Kroeger is first listed as building pianos in Stamford, CT in 1852, before moving to New York City in 1855.
In 1855 Kroeger worked as one of the main designers and builders at the Steinway & Sons, remaining there in a very important capacity until 1879. In 1880 Henry Kroeger went into partnership with his son, Henry Kroeger Jr., forming the firm of “Kroeger & Son”. In 1885, the firm became “Kroeger & Sons” when Henry’s second son, Otto Kroeger, joined the firm.
In 1890, the firm admitted Mr. P.  J. Gildemeester into partnership and the firm was changed to “Gildemeester & Kroeger”.  The partnership of “Gildemeester & Kroeger” was cut short due to Henry C. Kroeger’s death in 1896.  After the death of their father, Kroeger’s sons established “The Kroeger Piano Company” in New York City.  The firm enjoyed great success and earned a fine reputation within the industry.
The Kroeger Piano Company was taken over by the industrial giant Kohler & Campbell just before the Great Depression.  Kohler & Campbell continued to build the Kroeger name well into the 1950’s era. Instruments built by “Gildemeester & Kroeger” and “The Kroeger Piano Company” were of exceptional quality and design.

Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Kroeger Piano Catalog 1905
Kroeger Piano Company Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1905
Kroeger Piano Catalog 1912
Kroeger Piano Company  Illustrated Sales Catalog, Circa 1912
Gildemeester & Kroeger Article
19th Century Article Regarding Gildemeester & Kroeger Piano Company
Gildemeester & Kroeger Advertisement
Late 19th Century sales advertisement from the Gildemeester & Kroeger Piano Company

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Gildemeester & Kroeger Victorian Grand Piano


This Lovely Gildemeester & Kroeger Victorian Parlor Grand Piano Is A Perfect Example Of The Eastlake Victorian Style That Became Popular In The Late 19th Century As Victorian Styles Began To Evolve Toward Cleaner, Simpler Lines.

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Kroeger Mahogany Upright Piano


This Nice Gildemeester & Kroeger Upright Piano Is A Perfect Example Of The Evolving Style From Highly Carved Victorian To A More Traditional, Simple Early 20th Century Style That Became Popular After 1900.