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Jacob Brothers
The Jacob Brothers Piano Company was established in 1878 as a larger retailer in New York and Boston. Prior to 1905, Jacob Brothers sold pianos manufactured by The Peek & Sons Piano Company. After 1905, The Jacob Brothers Piano Company established factories in Leominster, MA.
Jacob Brothers sold their pianos both wholesale to other companies under special contract and retail under their own name. Their factory was capable of high-volume production and the firm manufactured pianos for several well known American manufacturers including The Euterpe Piano Company, James & Holstrom, Nilson & Co., Opera Piano Company, Peek & Son, and The Premier Piano Company.
After 1946, Jacob Brothers pianos were manufactured by The Mathushek Piano Company. There is no mention of Jacob Brothers after about 1955.

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Jacob Brothers Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Jacob Brothers Piano Company, circa 1907

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