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Decker, Myron A.
Myron A. Decker was one of the founders of the famous Decker & Son Piano Company of New York (not to be confused with Decker Brothers)  Myron A. Decker was born in 1823 in Ontario County, New York. In 1844, he started a 4 year apprenticeship with the firm of A. VanWinkle, then subsequently went to work in Albany for Boardman & Gray.
In 1856 Myron A. Decker established his own firm at 45 Church Street, Albany, New York. Myron Decker returned to New York City in 1863 and continued to build pianos under his own name. In 1866, he changed the name of his firm to “Decker & Company”, but this firm was dissolved in 1867. Decker continued to build pianos under his own name with much success, and was able to expand to new, larger factories at 119 Third Avenue in 1868.
In 1871, Myron Decker went into partnership with J. C. Barnes, forming the firm of “Decker & Barnes”. Decker & Barnes continued with much success until the death of Barnes’ wife in 1877, causing Barnes to withdraw from the firm. Decker continued building pianos under his own name again until 1882 when he took his son, Frank C. Decker, into partnership, forming the firm of “Decker & Son“.
Decker & Son was one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, and they continued to build pianos until about 1949. Pianos by this firm are consistently of very good quality and are among some of the finest instruments we see come through our shop.

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Myron A. Decker Piano Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For The Myron Decker Piano Company (later known as Decker & Sons), Circa 1865
Decker & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Decker & Company, Circa 1867

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