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Dearborn, Severance & Company
Brothers David M. Dearborn and Andrew P. Dearborn were listed as active builders of musical instruments in New Hampshire as early as 1822. In the early 1830’s, both worked as apprentices for Abraham Prescott (of the later famous Prescott Piano & Organ Company) in Concord, New Hampshire. By 1834, the brothers were listed as Violin makers for Prescott, and in 1848 David Dearborn is listed as President of Austin & Dearborn, makers of reeds for organs and melodeons.
In 1856, David Dearborn is listed as a partner in “Liscom, Dearborn & Company”, makers of organs, melodeons, and square pianos. This partnership lasted until 1860 at which time David Dearborn entered into a brief partnership with a Mr. Severance in a partnership called “Dearborn, Severance & Company” of Concord, NH. This partnership was short lived, and it appears that the firm of Dearborn, Severance & Company was dissolved just before 1862. Instruments built by the Dearborn brothers were known to have been very high quality, expensive instruments.
The quality and craftsmanship that went into these instruments was a direct result of some of the finest apprenticing available in 19th Century society. Unfortunately, there is no information listed for David M. Dearborn after about 1862, and there is no mention of Andrew Dearborn after his involvement with Prescott in the 1830’s.

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Dearborn, Severance & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Dearborn, Severance & Company, Circa 1860