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The Prescott name goes back as far as the 1830’s in America’s organ and melodeon building history. Originally founded by Abraham Prescott in Concord, New Hampshire, the firm started out building organs and melodeons as well as various different strings instruments. During the mid-19th Century, sons Abraham Jr. and George Prescott became part of the firm and instruments were built under the name of “Prescott Brothers”.  In 1871, the firm reorganized as “The Prescott Organ Company”.  The Prescott Organ Company built organs, melodeons and harmoniums well into the 1880’s.
The firm built their first piano around 1885, and the firm changed its name to “The Prescott Piano & Organ Company” in about 1887.  As the 20th Century got closer, the popularity of the organ continued to decline in favor of the more popular piano.  In 1891, the firm changed its name to “The Prescott Piano Company”, and their organs were discontinued.  Prescott was known for building exceptionally well made, elaborate pianos and organs.  They enjoyed a stellar reputation nationwide, and their instruments were distributed all over the United States and Canada.  Sadly, due to financial difficulty, the firm was out of business before 1920.

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Dearborn, Severance & Company Advertisement
19th Century Advertisement For Dearborn, Severance & Company, Circa 1860