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Cable & Sons
The firm of Cable & Sons (not to be confused with The Cable Piano Company of Chicago) was originally founded in 1852 by Robert Cable. Cable is first listed at 550 West 38th Street, Albany, New York. Robert Cable was a master cabinet maker, and his specialty was building piano cases for manufacturers in the industry. By 1870, Robert Cable was also building pianos under his own name.
In 1873, Robert Cable was joined by his son, Robert Jr., and in 1874 his son Thomas Cable joined the firm. The firm was then reorganized as “Cable & Sons”. Cable & Sons built a full line of upright pianos, grand pianos and player pianos, and their instruments had a very good reputation as being durable, well made instruments.
Cable & Sons was incorporated in 1923 with Louis S. Roemer listed as President. During the 1920’s, the firm was a part of the United Piano Corporation, and they had additional factories in Norwalk, Ohio. In 1927, The Lester Piano Company bought controlling interest in the United Piano Corporation, which included the Cable & Sons name.  Lester continued to build pianos under the Cable & Sons name until about 1936.

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Cable & Sons Advertisement
Early 20th Century Advertisements For The Cable & Sons Piano Company, New York