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The Behning Piano Company was established by Henry Behning in 1861 in New York. The first factory was located at 57 East 128th Street, with factories expanding to East 133rd Street in the 1920’s. From about 1864 – 1873, Behning was in partnership with Mr. Albrecht Klix, building pianos under the name of “Behning & Klix”. Mr. Behning continued building pianos under his own name after the partnership with Klix came to an end.

In 1881, Behning took his son Henry Jr. into partnership, changing the name of the firm to “Behning & Son”. Behning was known for building high quality, expensive pianos and they enjoyed a great deal of success.   Behning & Son also built a successful line of player pianos under the “Wendland” brand name during the ‘teens and ‘twenties era.  By 1931 the firm was owned by Gustav Behning, younger son of Henry Sr. In 1932, the firm was sold to Kohler & Campbell due to the hardships incurred by the Great Depression. Kohler & Campbell continued to build pianos under the Behning name until the mid 1950’s.


Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs?

Behning Player Piano Catalog 1910
Illustrated Behning Player Piano Sales Catalog, Circa 1910.
Behning Advertisements
Late 19th Century Advertisement For Behning & Son Piano Company, Circa 1882.

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