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Schubert Mahogany Mandolin Upright Piano

Late 19th Century Schubert "Mandolin Piano" in lavishly carved mahogany wood. The middle pedal mimics sounds of guitar, harpsichord, and other stringed instruments.

$12,500 after total restoration
(not including applicable sales tax & shipping charges)
  • YEAR: 1894
  • FINISH: Mahogany
  • STATUS: Pending Restoration
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This piano was built by the Schubert Piano Company of New York in about 1894. Schubert built superb upright and grand pianos from about 1880-1936, and they were usually lavishly carved with intricate detail. These pianos were quite expensive in their day, and they were always built with the finest craftsmanship and materials. Schubert pianos are always very impressive after restoration.

According to its original sales catalog (see photos), this piano was sold as the “Schubert Mandolin Piano, Mahogany Style 22”. The middle pedal on this piano operates a “mandolin attachment” that mimics the sounds of guitar, harpsichord, and other string instruments. It is made of elegantly carved mahogany wood, and will be just stunning after total restoration. One of the things that make this piano a bit different than most is the fact that the carved panels appear to be solid carved wood, not applied carving as is usually the case. An original matching stool is included. This piano can be equipped with computerized player mechanisms if desired.


Automatic Player Piano Company (Schubert) Catalog 1910 Circa 1910 Schubert piano catalog featuring their line of Schubert and "Automatic Player Piano Company" brand pianos and player piano
Schubert Advertisement Early 20th Century Advertisements For The Schubert Piano Company, New York
Schubert Illustrated Sales Catalog 1892

Late 19th Century Illustrated Sales Catalog For The Schubert Piano Company, Circa 1892

Schubert Illustrated Sales Catalog 1909

Early 20th Century Illustrated Sales Catalog For The Schubert Piano Company, Circa 1909

Schubert Illustrated Sales Flyer 1890

Late 19th Century color sales flyer from the Schubert Piano Company, circa 1890


$12,500 After Total Restoration
1897 | Sold
$12,500 After Total Restoration
1894 | Sold
$14,500 After Total Restoration
1892 | Sold
$12,000 After Total Restoration
1897 | Sold