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Stultz & Bauer
The Stultz & Bauer Piano Company was established in 1882 by Henry Stultz & Frederick Bauer. Their factory was located at 338 East 31st Street, New York City. The firm was incorporated in 1892. Stultz & Bauer built exceptionally well made pianos with an emphasis on quality and tone. They offered a full line of beautiful upright pianos, grand pianos, and player pianos. In about 1920, the firm was in sole control of the Bauer family until it was sold to Kohler & Campbell in about 1930. Kohler & Campbell continued to built the Stultz & Bauer name until about 1957.

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Stultz & Bauer Advertisements
Period Advertisements For The Stultz & Bauer Piano Company, New York

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