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The Peerless Player Piano Company of St. Johnsville, NY, was one of the earliest companies to enter into the coin-operated piano field in America. Established in about 1900, Peerless pianos were built by the National Electric Piano Company and were affiliated with the Roth & Englehardt Piano Company. They are known for buidling exceptionally well made player pianos and orchestrions, and they are highly sought after by collectors today. Sadly, Peerless was out of business before the 1920's era - the height of the coin piano era - and they are exceptionally rare and desirable among collectors today.


Peerless Coin Piano Sales Brochure Early 20th Century Sales Brochure From The Peerless Piano Player Company Featuring One Of Their Coin Piano Models


$25,000 After Total Restoration
1909 | Sold