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Newton (Camp & Company)

Mr. Newton Camp, who had been a partner in the firm of 'Estey & Camp', established his firm of 'Camp & Company' in New York City in 1879. Camp & Company built a full line of square pianos, grand pianos, upright pianos, and organs. Just before the turn-of-the-century the firm introduced a line of pianos and organs under the 'Newton' brand name. The Newton brand was so successful that Camp & Company changed the name of their company to 'The Newton Piano & Organ Company' during the first decade of the 20th Century. The Newton Piano & Organ Company continued to build pianos and organs with much success up until the Great Depression era. Some of the instruments for Camp & Company and Newton were built under contractual basis by the Henry G. Johnson Piano Manufacturing Company of Bellevue, Iowa. The firm was sold to industrial giant Kohler & Campbell in about 1930, and the Newton brand name was produced for several years after by Kohler & Campbell.


Newton Advertisement Early 20th Century Advertisement For The Newton Piano & Organ Company, previously Camp & Company, New York