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    Imperial (New York)

    The Imperial Piano Company distributed pianos in New York and Chicago during the 1900-1929 'Golden Age' of American Piano Manufacturing. Imperial pianos were primarily sold through lavish sales catalogs and larger stores of several popular retail stores during the early 20th Century. Due to their aggressive marketing, financing and 'easy terms', the Imperial Piano Company enjoyed a great deal of success. The Imperial Piano Company was known for being able to offer a good quality instrument at an affordable price, making it a very attractive option for the 'would be' piano buyer. Several of the Imperial upright pianos that have come through our shop were actually built by the Cable Piano Company of Chicago. It is likely that Cable built at least some of Imperial's pianos under contact, labeling them with the Imperial name. These pianos also appear to share Cable Piano Company serial numbers for that period. The Imperial name was discontinued with the onset of the Great Depression.