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Grow & Christopher

Wales F. Grow began his career with the co-operative 'New York Pianoforte Manufacturing Company', and is listed as a partner in 'A. H. Gale & Company' in 1842. In 1847, Grow left the partnership with A. H. Gale to join William Christopher, establishing the firm of 'Grow & Christopher'. The firm specialized in square grand pianos, and by 1855 Grow & Christopher was building over 150 pianos annually. Instruments by Grow & Christopher were frequently exhibited at fairs and trade shows, and were generally awarded with high honors for design and construction. Grow & Christopher dissolved around 1857 – 1858, and there is no mention of either Grow or Christopher being active in the piano industry after about 1860.


Grow & Christopher Advertisement 19th Century Advertisement For Grow & Christopher, Piano Makers, New York City